Mrs. W.E. Bailey

Mrs. J.W. Ginsberg

Mrs. P.C. Pinkerton
Mrs. A.L. Cone
Mrs. Philip Golenternek
Miss Mildred Shaw
Mrs. L.H. Davis
Mrs. J.C. Kelly
Mrs. Val J. Sterle    
Mrs. W.F. Davis
Mrs. S.J. Lones
Mrs. E.H.Taubert
Mrs. Earle Mayfield
Past Board Presidents of Tyler Day Nursery
Past Board Presidents of Tyler Day Nursery

·         Tyler Council of Church Women founded the Tyler Day Nursery (TDN)
·         27 children – average enrollment at this time
·         Housed in a rented duplex at the sight of the present Tyler City Hall
·         Financed by civic-minded and caring men and women interested in the welfare of young children of working mothers
·         Tyler Day Nursery moves  to site of present bus station on North Bois d’Arc
·         Tyler Day Nursery moves to 702 W. Wilson Street
·         TDN became an agency of the Tyler Community Chest (United Way)
·         Financed entirely through charitable contributions prior to WWII
·         During WWII – funding came from the War Food Authority which authorized 9 cents/meal/child
·         All utilities for the year - $146.00
·         Cost/meal/child was 18 cents
·         Cost/month for child-care was $19.17
·         Total yearly salary for the entire staff, including withholding tax, was $6,040.28
·         Salary of the first assistant staff member was $5.00/week
·         State Department of Public Welfare licensed TDN to care for 67 children
·         Tyler Day Nursery moves to our present location 2901 West Gentry Pkwy.
·         Became a Texas Rising Star Provider.


·         Licensed to care for 136 children and provide over 20,000 child-care days of service annually for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age
·         Added on two additional classrooms and a laundry room 
                                                  Fundraising Past
·         TDN received founding contributions from “Spirited men and women”
·         Sold subscriptions to Curtis Publications
·         Recycled used milk bottles from stores and restaurants and resold them
·         Held annual garden parties at the Women’s Building
·         Held annual charity horse shows
·         Last 7 years TDN Board held “A StorybookThemed” fundraising event celebrating the “Week of the Young Child”